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I Got 199 Teabags And I’m Missing One

I am someone who gets very excited about crafting a story out of the blandest of scenarios (ask me how I found a ‘quirky’ way to apologise to a top tea brand’s customers that there were 199 bags in the box and not 200…) Working as Head of Marketing and Brand at a start-up led me nicely on to working with top UK businesses and famous brands to ‘zhuzh up’ their creative campaigns and copy. There was even a top FMCG in the mix, just to make my Mum proud.

Hey, Nice Genes.

For me, tone of voice (TOV) is a sandcastle I must dig up and build right at the beginning of any project. Your core messaging and voice is like your businesses DNA. Imagine if you have a respectable, high-end darling fashion brand and you let some cheap, rogue copywriter the right to start hacking away at your social channel or email newsletter copy, well it’s like (please wait whilst we conjure your metaphor) letting a drunken West End yob run right into your Liberty-style store and start singing at the top of their voice right in the middle of their seasonal silk velvets. I mean, just imagine that.

Start A Kon-Ver-Sey-Shuhn.

It’s always easier for me when I work with brands who want to build a genuine connection with their audience/reader and want relatable, down-to-earth, two-way content that greets their audience as a friend greets you with an extra flat white on a cold Monday morning. (Hint, hint. Oak milk please) I feel everyone has room to experiment with sending some fun and story-filled communications to your customers.

If you’re looking for ‘BUY THIS NOW, SHOUTY, SHOUTY, BUY ONE GET ONE FREE’, I am not your lady. Formal isn’t in my vocab either, I believe even the most corporate of bods enjoy some light relief in their inbox, so bring in the humour and relatability.

Everyone has their own voice, even if you don’t know yours yet! And if you don’t, don’t worry – I can help you craft some guidelines or do some research into what you’ve been writing so far and get a sense for what you sound like. Copywriting for a client that already has an established TOV is a little bit like becoming a pop tribute act; you don’t have to look like them, but you better damn well sound like them, from the beginning of the night too and not just when the crowd have got to their sixth G&T. That’s why I will study your brand across all channels to ensure I sound just like Madonna. Sorry, I mean, you.

Remote Control.

As a remote freelancer I work from wherever I am in the world, which usually yo-yoing between South London, North Wales and France, but if you’re based in the UK, then let me know. I love meeting teams and believe in nothing better than meeting for a good ol’ fashioned cuppa.

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