I'm collecting a series of stories that asks the interviewee to take a look back and toast their journey as a freelancer, creative or business owner. In each interview, we'll look at how all the dots of life connect and how each person found the confidence to just bloody 'go for it'.

Coming soon!

To chat to me about featuring on my little corner of the internet and share your journey right from the beginning to the toasting of your own version of 'success', then drop me a line on

For now, why not enjoy some kind-to-yourself style ambivert vibes below to get you through today?

I'm excited to be at the beginning of this!

Peace and love,

Samantha Jones Toast Yourself (1)

Samantha Jones

I'm Samantha Jones, interviewer, blogger, ambivert and serial deep thinker. I am curious about almost everyone, but mainly how moments in their life have all had a connection to bring them to where they are now.