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Here's a photo of me *hating what I do for a living

*Obvious sarcasm.

There's nothing better than building real customer communities. If you're a business searching for marketing that engages your customers and audience like a real-life human would...then you're in the right place.


Photo credit: Elaine Potter Photography

Elaine is such a pro - I was in a stinking mood the day this was taken, full of flu and outside it was gloomy and pouring with rain, but you can't tell.

...none of that is true, but is she's a joy to work with and honestly brilliant in every way.

I am samantha jones

If you came here looking for 'that one from Sex and the City', I'm afraid you are in the wrong place.

Every business has a brand blueprint. The moment a business idea is born it begins to grow into a brand. If you're a Founder that's read a piece of content created for you or looked at a photo of your product or team and said "that's just not us", then your brand is in there, somewhere, you just might not know how to articulate it yet.

Content that really sings.

We're talking full-on Frank Sinatra crooning content that looks your audience deep in the eyes and says..."this one's for you".

Sam's work is so focused. She was able to direct our energy into what is needed right now. Creatively inspiring, it felt tailored to our needs, rather than a one-approach for all.

- Liza, Events Manager

don't use that tone with me young lady

I've come across brands in the last ten years that have been rolling out Instagram captions, Tweets and newsletters that sounded like they were having a conversation with Siri.

Tone of voice is so specific to your brand and audience. We'll work together to look over your profiling & adjust the type of language shift you can do to be more connected, relatable and you know...human.

We have a package for you...

Brunch & lunch

These four-hour workshops can be done over a long brunch or lunch in a relaxed environment. 1-to-1, we'll brainstorm marketing, content strategy or community building ideas and create an actionable plan.

Team work

Dream work makes the team work. I have created a workshop that encompasses carving out the mission, vision and purpose of your business as well as content brainstorming and future scripting.

The Works

An all-year-round marketing and content solution. I put our content and community building action plans into play with extra assistance on all communication and creative fronts from PR pitches, newsletters, captions and everything in-between.


If you'd like a phone call or a *croissant together to discuss what working with me sounds like, then do an Adele.

*my preference.

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Samantha Jones

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